Massage has many benefits such as stress reduction, improved circulation and increased muscle flexibility. A good massage melts away tension and boosts your energy level. Our massage therapists specialize in therapeutic massage. They are trained in several modalities such as trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and shiatsu massage. Please communicate with your massage therapist if you have special needs.
Our staff is insured. If you have any questions, please call us.

1 Hour $75                           1 1/2 Hour $110

Package of FIVE one hour massage sessions $325

(One hour allows five minutes for removal of clothing with massage 55 minutes)


Full body relaxation massage. Complete stress reducer. Great for ages 1-99


Deep full body massage specializing in problem areas, especially the neck, shoulders, lower back. Stimulates muscles, improves circulation, and increases flexibility.


Relaxing massages to relieve the stress of pregnancy especially helpful for relieving low backs and leg pain.

Hot Stone Thermo Therapy (2 types)

#1 - Full Body massage done with hot stones.
Heated river stones are used to promote healing and balance. This 75-minute treatment encourages a deep state of relaxation to the body's central nervous system. $110

#2- One hour therapeutic massage using hot stones in specific areas of the body to increase circulation and promote healing. Energy techniques activate these points to help increase balance in the whole body. Great for lower back tension and neck and shoulder pain. $85


Thumb and finger pressure is applied to acupressure points found on the feet or hands.
Activating these points will help to increase balance within the body. $70


Two people receive a full body therapeutic massage
in the same room, at the same time. 50 minutes $150

NEW SERVICE! Stretch ReBound Professional Stretching Session - 30 Minutes

Treatment is done while client is fully clothed - No oil necessary. A combination of Shiatsu, Thai and American stretching modalities used to relieve several painful conditions such as sciatica. Great for athletes or anyone looking for muscular pain relief. $48

Add-ons to Spa Services

Balancing Scalp Treatment $35  

  Reflexology - 15 Minutes  $35 

Foot Softening Treatment  $30

 (Add any of the above to a massage $25)

1/2 Hour Massage $40